Exclusive Tattoos is located in the High Street, in Street at the opposite end of the town to Strode College.

We offer all styles of tattooing and welcome everything from fresh new pieces, to cover ups and complete reworks.

Exclusive Tattoos is owned and run by Mr Sean Evett, one of the areas longest established artists and he is accompanied by a fantastic team of talented tattoo artists.

Although appointments are always the best way to guarantee getting in with your chosen artist when you want and there is a wait time generally enquiries of any kind are welcome as we can often squeeze in walk ins if people are flexible on times due to appointment cancellations and the odd space between tattoos.

Step 1: Consultation

The best way to start a project is always to pop in and see us with your reference and discuss your ideas in person. Alternately send your ideas via email info@ex-tat.co.uk and we can start from there.


Once we have your idea and you have booked an appointment your chosen artist will create a design.


We will then have a line drawing for you to take a look at on the day of your appointment.


Before tattooing starts we will take a thermal carbon stencil from design and this will be applied to your body. This is used as a guide for artists and also helps in getting tattoo placement correct.
Step 5: Tattooing

Step 5: Tattooing

We will prepare, clean and begin tattooing. Smaller pieces will be completed in a single session whilst larger pieces may take several sessions over an extended time. A wrap will be provided to protect your tattoo for a few hours after it has been applied.
Step 6: Care Plan

Step 6: Care Plan

Aftercare of your tattoo is incredibly important. We will advise you on the best care plan for your tattoo and will provide advice on creams to help with the healing process. Please take advice from us on this you will find everyone in the pub becomes a tattoo expert after it has been done DO NOT LISTEN and follow the advice given to get the best healing and final result.
  • Sean Evett

    Sean Evett started tattooing in 1987 at the age of 15 when he used to hang around a tattoo studio helping to do line drawings and general cleaning up.

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  • Rosa Laguna

    According to Sean he was opening a Kinder egg one day and Rosa popped out and asked for a job at the shop. Our very own Spanish import Rosa studied Fine Art at University of Seville.

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  • Ben Chidge

    Bens interest in art started through a love of graffiti art. He started taking commissions for various murals including some large pieces in towns and cities.

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  • Absolutely adore my tattoo that Bex did. The detail is amazing and is better than I expected. I have had nothing but compliments on it! Everyone at Exclusive Tattoos were so welcoming and kind. I will definitely be coming back for my next tattoo!


  • Great session with the guys yesterday all made me feel real welcome top laugh to be had and spot on Ben Chidge for my ink see you soon lads highly recommend Sean’s taste In Music and taking in some hula hoops will be a big help


  • Thank you Bex, for the (2 and a bit hr) start of my new piece of art work. I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m still wrapped in cling film, but for the ‘chosen few’ that have seen it, they have absolutely and honestly given it 110% approval. You are an artistic genius and I love you ! Photo to follow. Thank you again my lovely xxx


  • Just got my first tattoo since getting fibromyalgia and was a bit nervous but they were brilliant and Rosa did a fantastic job – both with drawing up what I wanted and the tattoo. Totally recommend them and I’ll definitely be going back


  • Amazing service, love my tattoo!! I was made to feel really at ease and comfortable by every one who works here. Bex did my tattoo and it looks fantastic I couldn’t be happier with it. I never imagined it would look so good as it’s a rework of a awful tattoo which I had as a teenager, I was never made to feel stupid or silly despite how bad the tattoo I originally had there was!! I literally can’t even tell the old one was there, as it’s been turned into a beautiful new one thank you so much!!!!!


  • If you looking to get a tattoo go see the guys there excellent work good artists and asked for Ben for out of this World tattoos is Master Sean is world class The force is strong in this shop Top Group of artists.


  • Amazing place totally professional but relaxed and chilled at the same time. Highly recommended.


  • Great place to get inked, everyone who works there have a great sense of humour which is good to take your mind off the pain. Ozzie is doing my sleeve which is looking awesome. Highly recommend.


  • I was there today and I absolutely love my design. Its just what I wanted and I want to say a personal thanks to Bex. All the team there were a good laugh and made you feel at home. Andy makes a smashing coffee too! Thanks guys. You’re definitely up there with the best.


  • Had two outstanding traditional swallows done today by Ozzie, amazing work chuffed to bits. First visit to Exclusive Tattoos and I will definitely be returning, really warm welcome thanks guys.