Company History
In 1996, in the chaos and glory that is Lucky Devil South in Seattle, WA, Paco began tattooing with the legendary Ernie Gosnell, former owner of Electric Ladyland in New Orleans. After tattooing for several years, Paco started hand making custom tattoo machines for his friends in the industry. Word spread, and the hobby developed into Paco Rollins Machines in 2002.
In 2006 he moved to a small, misty island in Puget Sound, accessible only by ferry, where he opened Sea Change Tattoo Parlor in 2009. He continues to divide his time between tattooing at Sea Change, with Casey Buxton, who he apprenticed starting in 2009, and hand crafting machines, with his assistant James Clapperton who started at Paco Rollins Machines in 2009. In 2012 Paco expanded his workshop, allowing him to set up shop as a sign painter, hand painting signs for local businesses. Casey also came on board with Paco Rollins Machines as well as Sea Change.
Paco intentionally keeps the business small so he can personally devote his time to creating, custom tuning and inspecting his world famous tattoo machines. Paco’s wife Laura handles customer orders, and when you call or email you’ll reach either Paco or Laura personally. Paco’s goal throughout the years has remained the same – create a simple, sturdy, American-made, hand crafted tattoo machine that will be your daily driver year in and year out, and keep it affordable without compromising quality.

Machine Information
Brass, Left Handed Brass, Semi Magnetic machines are £130 and Steel machines are £120, plus postage and packaging.
Paco Rollins Machines, handmade quality machines built in the U.S.A.
Hand wrapped 8 wrap coils
47 uf capacitors
Each machine hand tuned by Paco
Weights – Steel & Semi Magnetic 7.8 oz, Brass 8.4

Sold to Professionals Only


Paco Steel Machine


Paco Semi-Magnetic Machine


Paco Left handed Brass Machine


Paco Brass Machine